Setup and Installation

We’ll install and setup anything from a single pc up to an entire new network.


We specialize in affordable small business websites. Get up an running for around $400. Every website we create is built on WordPress which makes it very easy for you to edit the site yourself once it is done. We’ll show you how as part of the package!


Computer broken? Don’t automatically buy a new one. We can fix it.


Frustrated that your computer isn’t behaving? We can help.


We have a former Elementary School teacher on staff. We specialize in computer tutoring for children or that Grandma that has never used a computer before and wants to get on facebook.

Virus Removal

Are you redirected to a different website than the one you just searched for? Is your computer really slow? Does it keep asking you to purchase antivirus software? Its probably a virus. We can help.

Remote Support

Often we don’t need to travel to you in order to help. We can help you over the phone or by logging into your computer remotely. We do like to have a face to face the first time we work for you though.

Wireless Networking

We’ll install a wireless network and make sure it is secure. Want a wireless network for guests at your business but don’t want them to have access to your business network? We’ll set that up.

Custom Computers

A custom built computer often has better quality parts for the same price as buying from a big box store. It is easier to upgrade in the future as well.

Printer Problems

Want to connect everyone in the office up to the same printer? Is the printer frozen? Call us.